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We have a lawn which is about 100mtrs x 40 mtrs on a very slight slope. We're on clay type soil and when we first started caring for the lawn, it used to get very wet & boggy. At the start of the season, as we go into spring I have deep forked and almost lifted the lawn away from the sub strata. Fork deeply and then really pull down on the fork till you hear it 'ripping' away. I leave it a few days for aeration and then roll it back down where the surface has been disturbed by the fork 'pulling' THEN I TOP DRESS WITH ABOUT 7-8 BAGS OF SHARP SAND. I've been doing this every year for the last 4 or 5 years. The lawn now drains so much better, soild doesn't get anywhere near as 'boggy' even after heavy rainfall and the lawn looks splendid in peak season. 

One of the questions here was asking where to obtain Cornish silver horticultural grit. The question has not been answered . I used it in the 1950s and 60s and I would like to obtain some now. The grains were about one eigth of an inch squarish. Does anyone know how to obtain it?.

Ok now i'm completely baffled.

A "lawn expert" at my local garden centre said never to use any type of sand on my lawn except for horticultural sand which has always  been washed so is safe.

I have clay soil. Thinking about this logically clay when wet bonds together in clumps and is hard to break apart. Sand sticks together when it's wet but is still freely able to move and spread. SO, mixing sand with the clay with obviously make the clay less able to bond so tightly. Am i right so far?

I bought some horticultural sand which sticks together much more tightly than sharp sand which is pretty hard to stick together with water.

Initally i wanted to put sharp sand in with the soil but after mr lawn expert told me not use anything other than horticultural sand it scared me off.

After reading this am i now right in thinking that sharp sand is perfectly ok to use? It's much cheaper and i've always found it easier to use.


Mr lawn expert probably wanted to sell you an expensive bag of something.

I don't think lawn sand is just sand, I think it's got something to kill something as well.

plant pauper

Listen to them here drnh. They know stuff! 


Hello, this is Nik a newbie here at

as many wrote suggesting sand amendment not working for drainage improvements, the fact is that adding any grain size sand is going to change composition and add abrasive a porous properties to planting sites of clay soil, but it really works only mixed into soil - not on a top, plus ideally would be layer of sand bellow plants deeply so the waters drains deeper instead slopping in place.


1853728 says:
ideally would be layer of sand bellow plants at some level so the waters distribute around rooting and drains deeper instead slopping in place.


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