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Hi All,

Has anyone used the new shedbase called "Hawklok" if so i would like to know your thoughts on it, we are thinking about putting our new 10ft x 12ft shed on one

Many Thanks,


Eddie J

Simply because I work within the construction industry, I have never used anything other than reinforced concrete, and was all set to critise the product that you had linked to as I had never seen it before.

I can't do that though, as after doing a Google search, I reckon that the product could make life much simpler for many people. If you have a level site to begin with, you could well be onto a winner, and thanks for introducing it to me.

Hi Eddie,

Thanks for that, I must say it does look good, I will keep you posted on the results


Hi julia 3 - did you try the Hawklok out??  I'm looking to put a shed down as well and don't fancy the grief to put bit of concrete down

Has any one used the hawklok yet?

Planning a 12x8 summarise and looking for easy/cheap base but one that will last and stay level.



Looks brilliant, what a lot of heavy work it would have saved when we built OH's shed.

It does look good, it works out to £350 for a12x8 shed but I have no idea what concrete would cost, specially as I'd probably need to hire someone to lay concrete.

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