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Can anyone help please?

I had three Eupotorium rugosum Chocolate put in my garden last September but all I have at the moment is clear white sticks where I put the plant.  Should I have something showing for the plant or have I lost them?

I have not had these plants before so would be very grateful if someone could tell me what they should be doing now?


Thank you


You could always have a dig about and see if there are any shoots coming off the roots. This would be the right time to divide them anyway so you wouldn't be doing any harm.

Besides, although Helcatt is right (wonderful name!), would you have wanted to come through earlier this year?  Give them time and patience, if they have survived they will show soon. 


Mine have just shown one or two shoots com ing in the last few days. Everything is late this year. Worry not.


I had a look at mine and I have little pink shoots about 1" tall  I live in the southeast

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