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Could anyone assist in identifying this shrub please? For info this was in the corner of the small front garden directly next to footpath when i moved in and it had been cut back to ground.

The elderly neighbour thinks it does not flower although I am unsure on the reliability of this info.

Here are some pic of the shrub and close up of the leaves.





I recognise this. Pity I can't remember what it's called 

nutcutlet wrote (see)

I recognise this. Pity I can't remember what it's called 


Any idea how i could identify it?


Some one else probably will know and I'll think about it. It's not something I grow but have seen it around. 


Do you mean Symphoricarpos albus?

It looks similar, but when i google it most pictures have white fruit on.


If it's been cut back it won't have flowered and fruited. I'm not convinced though.


I would feed it and water it and wait. If it is a hibiscus it will not flower until August/September.

I'm thinking Symphoricarpos too... 


Doesn't look like a Symphoricarpos to me - leaves look wrong.  

If you zoom right in on some areas of the photo, some of the tips of the new shoots look pink - I've been googling pink tipped shrubs etc, but haven't come up with anything yet - there's something in the back of my mind but I can't retrieve it and I've got to get ready for work ...............

After noticing the alternate leaves I'm going to change to a spiraea trilobata. 


Mmmmm - not sure ...................... I'm wondering if there's a lot of sucker growth there, and the pink tipped bits (slightly variegated) are the original plant ..............  right off to work, will leave you lot to continue your investigations ..................


those pink tipped bits look sick to me rather than desirable variegation.

I'm going to check out DGM's suggestion


Yes, I'm going with DGM 

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