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Thanks go to Marshmello for identifying my hated weed.  I'd always called it S**tweed but apprently it's Sheeps Sorrel.  Here is what it has done to me....

This shows half the flower bed I'm having to hoik out and move because of the S**tweed - still lots to move but I'm getting there.

 Their new home ...

 This is the little S**tweed

 and the flowers ...

Now I need councelling.

I have the same problem 'everywhere'.  It is in the meadow and travels into the garden borders and this year it has been every more invasive with all the rain - any idea's of how to control it or even 'kill it' before it kills me?


I have usually managed to keep it under control by constantly hand weeding but I was unable to do so during Autumn and early Spring and now I'm suffering for it.  Yes, it's particularly bad this year - I'm not in UK but we had heat then rain - so had to make the decision to just dig everything up and move it bare rooted to a weed free site.  When we've done that we will spray strong weedkiller (the type used for paths)  leave it a month or so then lay grass. 

We did try selective weedkiller on the grass to eradicate it from there but it didn't work.  In fact, Hubs swears it grew stronger.

My thoughts are with you Asperge


Looks like your going to have to get the bad boys in and blast this beast. Good luck !

Alina W

Glyphosate works by making plants grow more strongly before they finally die - are you sure that you gave your weedkiller enough time?

Be very careful if using a path weedkiller - the most effective ones remain active in the soil for 3-6 months, so you would have to wait a lot longer than a month before turfing.




Oh, I never knew what this weed was called but I had it in my front garden back in the day when I planted roses. It is very annoying since it seems to have extensive roots with no woody bit to pull out but just very brittle clumps that go really deep.

I eventually moved my roses and maintain my front garden with vigorous weeding almost to the point of extinction, but thankfully, it never transferred to my back garden which was plagued with bindweed instead. Oh the joys of gardening!

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