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I have a Pyracantha, it's an oldish one, as the above says, it looks a little bit poorly. I have looked at diseases of this plant and scab seems to affect flowers and fruit, neither present at the moment. Blight may be a possibility, I don't have a picture but will try later if necessary

Any other known problems? I quite like it and the birds love it.

Hi summerwine, have you got a picture. I have a few pyracantha's, one of mine was looking a bit dodgy last year but seemed to pick up snd looks ok now.

Jim Macd

Yes, without a photo it's a bit like writing to the doctor, 'I feel a bit unwell. What could be wrong with me?' We'll need a bit more to go on.

Pyracantha, can take a heavy prune, so it may be worth doing so, then giving it a good feed to help it grow back over the summer.

Hi summer wine, mine looked like your description last year and I pruned it back to within an inch of its llife! Sadly it it didn't , but I thought it had until this month - lots of new, healthy growth. As Dave suggests a good feed and would add watering regularly. The wet weather took care of the watering for me. 

Mine looked pretty bad so I had nothing to loose In giving it a hard pruning.

Good luck.





Thank you all for the replies, my camera has gone walkabout!! It just looks really 'off' the leaves are a bit yellowy and the shape looks out of kilter somehow, like it's flopping, kind of wilting.

If camera turns up, I think little grandson has hidden it, I will put a picture up. In the meantime a feed and water.....looks so sad, poor thing.  


Mine have looked better in previous years, I think they were just waterlogged and a lot of goodness from soil has been washed away. I've fed with Growmore raked around the bases and have given a gentle prune this year.

It's still early in the year and I wouldn't normally be out looking at them. This time last year they were covered in snow.

Can't hurt to feed it, but if you've had a lot of rain over the winter, don't water it, I wonder if too much rain is why it looks sick.  Poke down into soil and see if it is wet / dry. Think we are all going to get some rain over next few days.  

Given time I'm sure it will pick up.

From more info would agree with kef - waterlogged. Just feed and hold the pruning until signs of recovery.



This is it, bit yellow and rough looking. There are a few near me and they are much greener and healthier looking.

Hmm, good sign - can see new growth. Those yellowed parts look to be coming from individual branches (not overall the shrub) 

awkward to remove without leaving gaps

Thinking, if it were mine I would feed as kef advised and wait and see. 


Yes will feed and hope the yellow subsides, also can't prune because I don't want to cut off any buds that are forming. It has looked better!! 

And will do again I'm sure.

My pyrancatha is growing in the corner of two walls and whilst, like yours, there is bushy growth it's difficult to prune right back as it grows thicker in the corner. Still gives lots of berries though.


This was it last year, I hope it recovers sufficiently to look the same this year. They may not be unusual plants but I like them and I hope you have an abundance of flowers and berries, too.

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