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I've got a dearly-loved wisteria sinensis which is about 12 years old.  It's planted west facing at the bottom of a brick pillar (not in particularly good soil) which supports a pergola and has climbed the pergola and flowered happily for many years including this year. I trimmed back some of the wispy bits in July and it all looked healthy but we've come back from holiday and there isn't a leaf on it! Can anybody help please.

Alina W

Is there any new growth on the plant at all?

Do you know if it's been dry/ waterlogged?

There are literally about 6 leaves left on it at the moment, I need to get up my ladder to see if there's anything vaguely greenish at the top of the pergola but I can't see anything from ground level.

I don't think it's been waterlogged as there's no sign of anything and other plants close to it seem fine. I've got to admit I've not watered it regularly since it got established which was years ago and haven't had any problems before. Do you think I should cut it all back?

Alina W

I would wait and give it a chance to re-grow first - it's just possible that you will get more growth in spring. Cutting it back would shock it, and might kill it completely.

Good point. What do you think about me trimming off the obviously dead bits, giving it a feed of tomorite and a good water ?

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