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Hi there

my neighbour has a silver birch which has never been looked after. A few weeks ago leaves began to yellow and fall.....all over my garden during the hot weather. But the real problem are the spores that are coming off continuously.....with the breeze it has blown all over shrubs, flowers, roof gutters and worse still all over the house, on every surface (with having doors and windows open). I've had a word with the neighbour about but they have done nothing (

So now I have to keep windows open very slightly and keep doos shut. Sitting out and eating out in my lovely garden in this gorgeous summer is not an option because the spores would get into food

What can I do?







Spores?  Silver birch trees don't have spores 

We have all sorts of trees around us - we sit out and eat out all the time - I've frequently picnicked in a grove of silver birches at this time of year - our offices were surrounded by silver birches as was a neighbouring residential resource for children with profound  and complex medical conditions - no one ever felt it necessary to shut doors and windows in the summer or to stay indoors.

I'm really puzzled 


There's a world full of life Aysha and it's not out to get you. Silver birch is dropping seed at the moment, not harmful. Relax and enjoy your garden.

Trees drop some leaves in summer. Only a problem if you make it a problem.


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