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Our patio has started to lift. Could this be because of our neighbour's very large silver birch tree? It is only about 2m from our house and towers above our roof? If so, is there anything we can do?

This the advice from the CAB Roots

If the roots of a neighbour’s tree spread into a property, they can be removed using the least damaging method available, unless there is a tree preservation order on it - see below. If a neighbour has to enter the tree owner’s property to do this, they must give reasonable notice.

The neighbour may also wish to consult their insurers, if there is a possibility that their property may be damaged by the roots. If the roots have already caused damage, the tree owner is liable to pay compensation but it must be shown that the tree owner knew, or ought to have known, of the danger.

Thanks Dave. That's really useful.

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