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We are resiting our compost bins and considering putting them next to the greenhouse. Is this a good idea?

Well it is not a bad idea-as long as they are not blocking any light-then why not?

Mine's near the GH, I've had no problems.

If you have the space why not think about trying a static type - much more enjoyable.

Mine's a static, pallet type - about 40"x40" separated into two halves - one for current, one for 6mnths+. It's about 40"' high with a removable front. The removable front facilitates turning.and the waste seems to decompose at a steady pace. When the old compost's ready I finally sift it !

You appear to have more than one bin so, together, I bet you're not far off my dimensions. There's no smell problem if properly managed (yes you have to put some hard work in to get beautifully dark & crumbly compost and yes, I am compost crazy).



Bazza73, I am so pleased that other people are compost crazy. I sometimes feel like a missionary trying to convert fellow gardeners to composting.


Recently emptied a compost bin sited alongside my greenhouse. Best compost ever....maybe because it was 2 years old. 3 bins at moment because buying in mushroom compost, manure, etc is getting costly. So, Artjak, you are not the only compost "crazy"

Phew, that's a relief.

flowering rose

I have long narrow garden so the compost bins have to go near the green house and it makes it no difference .Of course the visitors to the compost may give you the odd fright when your working a way in the green house.(rats,mice) and i don't mind the fox or the cats as they dispose of the rats and mice.

My tomatoes were struck down with either V wilt or F. Disaster! I wondered whether having my compost bin near my greenhouse might not be a good idea. What do you think?

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