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Hi can anyone advise why, whatever I plant in my little garden reaches for the sky, despite having full sun and no overhanging trees/plants etc.

my foxgloves reach seven foot odd, I have five feet six inches alstromeria.

triffid type lupins, ginormous delphiniums etc. I don't manure or fetilizer, so whats going on??

Hi there - not sure that I can say what's going on or why but wonder if for some reason there's a naturally high nitrogen level in the soil and/or it's a type of soil which again, naturally suits these plants !!!  

I'm sure others may have alternative similar comments !!

I do know that in our own garden the same plants grow differently depending on the particular soil and location in which they are situated - clay, sand, mixture of both, full sun, shade etc etc.

I must say I have never come across such tall alstromerias. I imagine you need a lot of staking material !!

Best wishes 

Are you bragging or complaining Peter 


Soil is definitely a factor, cultivar is also a consideration, some delphiniums are not called dwarf without good reason

Is there plenty of light.?  Plants will grow taller if they struggle to get to the light.  Are your plants close together?



plants are in full sun, so no problem with light.

as for bragging nah! Lol! they just look so ridiculious and do need a lot of staking and tying in.

if i knew how to put a photo on the site, I could give you a laugh......a foxglove almost upto the bird boxes way up the garage wall....don't get it! why me???

Post a pic, I want to see this 7 foot foxglove 

click on the insert image button (look like a tree in a picture frame) then select to browse for the phot on your computer and then upload to copy it to the forum host, the post like any other response.

Hey! managed to find the piccy and upload it, there's hope for this old dg yet..Lol!

The rose in the picture is a climbing rose attached to the garage wall.


Did the previous people keep dogs?  The dog run I started planting next door has never been fertilised, (except by the dogs), but the oxeye daisies and hesperis I planted look like they're on steroids.

I shouldn't complain about it, just make the most of it.

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