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14/07/2015 at 11:06

My neighbor  has a gravel only drive . and never uses roundup  , NONE of this stuff on his drive to date .  So  round up and its generic derivatives is a common denominator here . .   .

if it is a bacterium  then the pool algacides would be of no use ?

or copper ,? 

23/07/2015 at 05:52

I'm in Ohio and have been fighting this stuff for years and had the same conclusion that Round Up plays a roll in this problem but definitely worse if applied to exposed  clay soil.   I did try vinegar on a small area  and it did seem to inhibit the growth but was concerned with how it would effect the plants around so never used it on a larger scale ...I have just been picking it up and putting it in a bag in the garbage  but it just expands to more and more areas.  I'd love an easier SAFE solution , sounds like after reading through all this, that acidifying the soil  and perhaps contacting ROUND-UP might help ? ? 

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61 to 62 of 62 messages