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Jonathan 3

iv'e been gardening for 3 season's and had trouble with slugs and snails every yaer how can i keep them down


can anyone help

I use slug trap from Poundland part filled with beer and place them round the garden.  I know family and friends who go round the garden collecting them by hand but the thought of picking up a slug turns my stomach.

Jonathan 3

i know that's why im try to find best way to keep them down

and thank you for your input

Lavenderlass, I've wondered about these slug traps.  How do you empty them!  Yukkk!!

Hi Poly-anthus, You're right they are yukkie but I'm lucky my hubby cleans them out for me, but if I had to do it myself I think I would as they do keep the slugs/snails of the plants,



Nematodes (only kill slugs) and organic wildlife friendly slug pellets for both the snails and slugs.  Excellent results.  I don't know why more folk don't use the organic pellets.

muddy mare

i ve surrounded my lettuces and cabbages with sheep wool horse hair and egg and sea shells this year no damage yet

I'm using a combination of egg shells and used coffee grounds on my veg plot. No damage as yet this year

I've built a 6' wall, put in a moat and scattered a whole packet of slug pellets around my lettuce.  No damage


sarahandrob..used that combination for years,always works well.

Torch and salt solution at night is very effective for me.  


Is the salt solution in your moat Verdun?


It stings a bit as I go for my daily early morning swim in it.  Lol


Perhaps you should try wearing a wet suit


Is that why you're so wrinkly Verd? You told us you were only 27...



Just a tip Verdun,if you add vinegar to the moat as well and then go for a swim ,you should come out feeling a lot chipper!!

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