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I used slug nematodes as the soil was damp and the use by date was close. It said on the pack that you should keep the soil moist for two weeks afterwards but not waterlogged. Considering how wet everything is do you think they will be ineffective?


Hiya KEF. If the slugs are alive, then it should work. If they are not, then you have won anyway.


Thanks Pdoc, slugs deffo alive, I wondered if nematodes were critters that drowned. Still got beer traps on the go but have nematoded veg area and hosta bed...they prob' have drowned as I have a few drowned worms

I think you need only to worry if the soil was overdry KEF.  Thnk they would have died then.  


Thanks Verdun, certainly not over dry


 Flora rosa

Hi, I've been using for a few years now and they work best in pots; you will always get a few on open ground but the last lot I watered in open ground a week ago, with my potted on seedlings, is really keeping them at bay - some good growth happening (just been out inspecting lol) . They also seem to keep the snail population under control! Not killing all but I do seem to have less snails. 

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