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Is it just me or has anyone else had problems with 'furry' slug pellets? I know they usually 'breakdown' after a while, but they have swollen up and gone all furry !  I don't know whether it is because they are old or whether they were just a cheap brand but I have never seen this before it looks awful.  


It happens when they get wet- just hoe them in. 

please stop using slug pellets, its a cruel death and when the birds eat the dead slugs, snails, they die too.


Sorry I hate to disagree but that is not so- there is enough poison in the pellet to kill a slug there is not enough poison in that slug to kill a bird even if it wanted to eat it-a bird is going to have to eat hundreds of poisoned slugs in one go to be affected.

There are alternatives ways of destroying slugs- but if someone wants to use pellets that is up to them

Hi folks is there pellets that you can get that k the slugs but are friendly to birds etc, as my garden is quiet big and there seems to be no end to the slugs and it very hard to nurture a plant from seed only to see it ravaged by a slug may weeks later!!


Sorry, slug pellets are dangerous not only to slugs but, also to the wildlife that eats the remains, there are other ways of keeping control of slugs/snails but, afterall they are a living creature and deserve a life or a painless death.


We could argue about this all day -a painless death how? -they have no central nervous system?

5000 poisoned slug would need to need eaten by a hedgehog to do it any harm

I am not saying there is no danger in slug pellets- just giving a bit of perspective.

Alina W
paulkearney wrote (see)
Hi folks is there pellets that you can get that k the slugs but are friendly to birds etc, as my garden is quiet big and there seems to be no end to the slugs and it very hard to nurture a plant from seed only to see it ravaged by a slug may weeks later!!

Yes, Growing Success Advanced Slug Pellets in a tall blue tub. Slightly more expensive, but safe for all wildlife except slugs and snails. They contain ferric phosphate, a form of iron, which breaks down into fertilizer after six weeks.

Slugs and snails which eat it crawl away to find somewhere dark to die, so you don't end up picking them off your path, either.

hollie hock

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Alina W

I can imagine

hollie hock

 That was annoying,I was trying to say don't judge us that use slug pelletts. I use them occassionally, mainly in my cold frame, but don't feel that I'm am a bird murderer etc.

I was also trying to  say that I don't believe that slugs "deserve a life or a painless death"Anyway you despatch them,be it growing success, beer traps, stamping on them, cutting them in half............the slugs die.

I agree with geoff, lets keep it in perspective

I use the advanced slug pellets. I also go out after rain (sometimes when it is raining) armed with my trusty slug knife and slice any I see. I spend too much on my plants to have them eaten by these slimy critters. I love wildlife, especially the birds so would not use anything that I thought would harm them.
Anyone know where I can get a good quality but not too expensive cold frame??

@paulkearney have you looked at amazon, they have a variety of types and a variety of prices, you will get what you pay for. I bought a gardmen this spring and so far I am delighted with it, but it has not been through a winter so I would have to wait a year to give a proper review.


Thanks Kate could really do with one at the minute not for the temperatures but the rain is horrible at the minute cuttings and seedlings wouldn't stand a chance!

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