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I reccomend eggv shells they work a treat (fill a bucket up with egg shells when you havee eggs and use them as and when you need them). But as you find most of the time they get eaten attract birds etc. Beer traps work fine (you can them from pound shops) slugs pellets (you can them from pound shops). You will soon find your own stratergy but try out all the ones I have suggested.

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Trouble with beer traps is you get at most 5 or 6 at a time. I literally have 100s of slugs in my veg patch alone.  I've used tons of coffee grinds, which have kept them at bay to a certain degree, but this only works when they're dry.  I collected over 100 yesterday morning, then again at 10:00 pm I went out & collected another 80 odd.  This is every day!!  The very mild winter and all the rain we've been getting just seems to be the perfect conditions for them.  As I say, this is only my veg patch.  My flowers are infested, and my lawn is totally covered.  I could probably sustain the entire population of blackbirds and thrushes on my lawn alone!

Eeek. Have just discovered why the pellets of slug bait keep disappearing from the pots outside my back door. It seems the local mice population enjoy them as a tasty treat. Will be removing the remaining ferric phosphate pellets ASAP!! Prefer slugs and snails to mice cheekily staring at me through the back door anyday!

Does bran attract mice?

I have just done an experiment in companion planting by planting sage or salvia amongst my brassicas along with scattering egg-shells at their roots and my broccoli seem to be thriving much better as slugs and snails don't like sage apparently.  The ones left without sage have been eaten to a skeleton.  I also have a wall of chives along my brocolli to deter aphids and enhance flavour.

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