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Has anyone got the recipe that was given out on Gardeners world some years ago for garlic wash to deter these pests please.


I did a search on this site and found this.  Hope its what you're looking for.

flowering rose

my self, this my recipe , boil a pint of water put a clove  in, leave to cool and when cooled put water with clove in spray bottle  and top up with  water (it will come stronger).

I have just woken up to find 80% of my beans decimated...and two big fat snails crawling over the last two. I've been using nematodes, I've been watering the ground with a a boiled up snails mixture to put them off. I've patrolled the garden every evening to hand pick them (got 50+ yesterday). I'm about to give up the whole flipping thing and just grow roses...they don't seem to be interested in those....yet!!

please please if anyone has any advice I would be so very grateful!

(...the slugs do seem to have diminished considerably - it's just the snails...)



Spread a layer of sharp sand around the beans - they don't crawl over that - it's keeping them away from my sunflowers 

ok I'm on it!

thank you so much!

Or crushed up egg shells as an alternate for sharp sand!


Jack 3
Ok I think I need some sharp sand. I have tried eggshells and they haven't worked, maybe I didn't crush them up fine enough. I recently potted on flowers I'd grown from seeds and every morning I go out and more have been destroyed. Cosmos that was really tall and I thought would be OK, is just felled by snails, I find them on the bottom and they have literally taken the whole thing down. I put flowering tobacco in the ground and they have just been eaten. I grew lots of Honesty from seeds and I've potted them on, but I read that you shouldn't keep them in pots and get them into the ground asap, but I'm worried the snails will just take them down.
Glad to read this post, going to try the methods above, where's the best place to get sharp sand?

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