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Pennine Petal
Geoff, I am constantly impressed by your vast knowledge of gardening and of this forum. You are an inspiration. Thank you, now I have some gardening time I can get brewing.

I am very old with a good memory


Bumping thread for slug flour tip.

Thanks doris.

Nothing seems to be growing this year so well as slugs and snails.They have become a real threat for my veg garden.I am not really keen on spraading slug killing pellets all over my garden as I prefer to grow organic fruit and vegs.
Few weeks ago I eccidentelly came to a really effective solution-I planted some plants that slugs and snails would die for(that exactly what we want them to do!).I found out that the best suitable for this purpose plant is DAHLIA,as we know slails will leave anything els for this plant.So,I have planted few Dahlias between my veg plants and spreaded organic slug and snail killer pellets around these plants only(instead spreding it all over the garden).Icould hardly believe my eyes when I came to the garden next morning-all my Dahlias have been surrounded by dead or dying slugs,up to 10-16 big slugs next to every small plant,I had no idea that I had so many of them

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