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Is there ANYTHING slugs and snails won't eat?




You have to put yourself in the mindset of a slug-there is a free meal on offer-you can have grass and weeds- chips if you like-or for just a bit more effort dine at the Ritz on our treasured plants-caviar and smoked salmon- which may be tastier.

They like posh dining

Never seen so many in my life!



They have always been there it is just this constant damp weather means they make more of an appearance -in the dry March there were very few slugs or snails-if and when the sun beats down they will disappear again.

Slimey bs



I find the new ferrous phosphate pellets work very well near my most susceptible plants but don't use them in one corner where I know I have a resident hedgehog so that she doesn't go hungry. 

The thing to do is to get them early on in spring before the adluts can breed and as the eggs are hatching.  Sprinkle pellets on an easily memorable date such as Valentine's Day and then again every couple of weeks.  That should reduce them to manageable proportions.

Thanks for that. I've actually tried the pellets and the gel. It just seem  to give them a 'hangover' and next morning they're as right as rain. Roll-on summer, Geoff.

Have despatched quite a few pairs of snails recently, which seem to be joined together in a rather odd way. My sister tried nematodes for the first time this year, and has been very impressed by the results.

A piece in my local paper suggests sinking any plastic dish ie. marge pot for example into the soil, then adding 2 tablespoonsful of flour and filling it up with water. A great slug trap she says. I've done one today near my delphiniums. I'll let you know if it works.


That sounds like glue to me -perhaps they will have a sticky end................


I've discovered that crusts of seeded type wholemeal breads- especially soya & linseed- are slug magnets! On sunday 20+ were either stamped on, smaller ones, & the larger removed e/where. Poor birds never get a look in & saves me going out at night plus a torch.

I too have a visiting hedgehog, so am even reluctant to use the 'safer' pellets. J.


Yes the pot of water and flour works. 3 slugs the first night, then 4 slugs and 2 small snails the next night. I positioned it near my delphiniums so I guessed I'd catch some. Maybe I should surround the delphs with a moat full of flour & water! Im so desperate to get them growing that I'll try anything!

Snails have decimated my young Laburnam tree. they dont seem to have touched my Penstemons, Honeysuckle or perrenial wallflowers. My bedding plants are a different story !!

My Grandad has this method of slug control....Buy 4 whole garlics...crush all cloves into a bucket add skins as well   fill with water and leave to infuse overnight.....water anywhere you DONT want slugs to go  sprinkle on the skins too......This method has saved all my cabbages this year ..of course there has to be a down side...I garden stinks...and i suspect the cabbages will have a nice garlicky aroma when i get to cook them


The flour and water is working. I emptied the pot this morning to find ovewr 20 slugs and 2 more snails. A bumper catch for last night! Some of the slugs were just small about 1cm long but other sizes up to a 3inch one! I'm well chuffed and the delphiniums are still standing. Hurrah!


I dont think I will be trying your grandads method susan, mu hubby hates the smell of garlic !! Flour and water seems to be doing the trick then diggingdoris, so will be giving that a go. Its raining here in Bristol, surprise surprise, and I am sure I can hear a lot of munching going on out the back !!!!

What a brilliant idea I will try it on my allotment this weekend

I've never heard of the flour and water method before, will certAinly give it a go.

The little slugs are the ones you want to catch and kill, they are the ones that do such damage to your plants. The big disgusting ones that give many of us the shivers, actually eat little slugs.  They are quite revolting though aren't they?  For pots I really do find that copper tape helps, and the iron based slug pellets are as least as good as the other kind, and less damaging to wildlife.  They say they are rainroof, but I think the amount of rain we have been having will defeat nearly anything, so have been renewing the pellets more often than I may have done in previous years. 

Emma Crawforth

Hello Lorraine Sharp,

Have a look at our feature on slug-proof plants.

It should give you some ideas for a few that would be suitable for your garden.

Emma team