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19/09/2012 at 21:33

My compost heap is full of slugs and snails and I feel I am spreading these and eggs across the garden when I use the compost.    Any comments as I am so reluctant to use the compost on my veg. garden

20/09/2012 at 07:02

Slugs and snails prefer rotting vegetation so having a compost heap attracts them all to one place and they help with the decomposition.  

According to this http://www.homecomposting.org.uk/content/view/43/57/ it is unlikely that you will be doing any harm by using your compost on your veg garden - after all generations of gardeners have been doing it, and as we know, gardeners are wise intelligent people who do not believe in making more work for themselves than necessary,

I will be using my compost on my veg patch - always have and always will - it's what I make it for - the flower beds have to manage without.  

And I do not use any slug pellets in my garden - hedgehogs, frogs and beer traps keep the little blighters in order - and grit spread around seedlings!

20/09/2012 at 16:26
And a night patrol with torch and saline solution.. Slug pellets and veg are not good bed fellows
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