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iv put beer traps down ( tesco value bitter ) is larger better?   iv put pellets down, iv been nipping out night and early morning armed with salt,  but the little buggers or not so little some of them.  are still nibbling my runner bean leaves,

do i need to remove the nibbled leaves?

im an animal love but my god i HATE slugs


No don't remove the leaves, what is left of them will continue to function as leaves and the plant needs them.  

Only remove leaves from plants if they're carrying an infection (bacterial mould type thing) that would spread to other leaves.

We don't get a lot of slug damage in this garden (we have quite gritty soil and lots of wildlife) but even here the slugs are beginning to annoy me this year 

Just remember, we're all in this together .

I think I heard that somewhere before 

iv put a organic spray on the leaves, pellets, go out armed with salt night and morning, even left them a beer, they dont half take the *piss*   sorry to swear frustrated now,

iv caught a few in beers traps about 10 in a week, do u think they like larger better than bitter

im glad im not alone, in the war on slugs


they love my bloody sunflowers



Unfortunately when we start growing plants - whether to look at or to eat - it attracts attention from our slimy friends. Big society Dove

I have huge snails in this garden and they're in rampaging gangs this year because the garden now has some plants! It's one of those issues that benefits from as many attacks as possible. I use rings of  pine cones whenever I can, which seems to work better than anything, and I've been going out and gathering/dispatching. I may have to do the slug pub thing- - but I hope it settles a bit as more wildlife comes in as well.

I've got a few sacrificial hostas for them and I look in the log pile behind the shed where they like to hide away.


Judging by the sheer number of posts recently about slugs and snails it's clear they're having a bumper year.  Perhaps the mild winter that we had, coupled with the rains over the last couple of weeks have provided ideal conditions for them.  I've been going out at night and getting around 30-40 every night.  I sympathise, Shelley, with your runner bean misery.  My under-gardener planted potatoes and onions this year, his first time at planting anything at all, ever, and the slugs swarm over them every night.  The beer trap does get some, but like yours only around 10 a week.  Still, that's 10 less to munch the garden!!  They've also eaten a small tomato plant - completely stripped it, and a sweet pepper.  I will post links to some recent threads that you could have a look at for ideas.  For plants I cut up a pop/water bottle and put copper tape round it then around the bottom of the plant, that usually deters them, but I've found it difficult with the vegetable to do this, so it's just a nightly trip up the garden and picking the b*****ds off.  If you do this you will save your plants, like Dove says don't remove the leaves, they'll eat those instead of fresher ones and your beans will survive!



leeks and onions they dont seem to like , iv planted beetroot and broccoli as well


they sure like my poor sunflowers   if i had a pond and frogs would they eat my veggies


Frogs don't eat veggies, they eat slugs and flies - we love our frogs 


You're not the only one who's sunflowers are suffering - for the first time ever I think I've lost all of mine   Mind you, I did rather neglect them 


I grew some sunflowers when the girls were small Dove and the best deterrent was ash from my Dad's fire in a ring round them. They left them alone after I did that.

I nip around most nights with torch and salt solution.  Quicker now because they seem less  but I focus on heleniums, lupins, leucanthemums, dahlias and echinaceas as these seem to be the targets right now.  Last night a nice big slug settled on helenium but I got him. 

My feeling is that during mid summer damage is less......hopefully drier and hotter and plant leaves are tougher.....but approaching September the slugs attack again.  

I think Daisy is right....the mild wet winter must have been great for slugs and snails.

Fairygirl wrote (see)

I grew some sunflowers when the girls were small Dove and the best deterrent was ash from my Dad's fire in a ring round them. They left them alone after I did that.

Our slugs are cleverer than that -  my sunflowers were surrounded by grit so they climbed up the espaliered pear and somehow dropped down onto the sunflowers 


Has anyone had any success using nematodes?

iv been going on at night with hubbies army head tourch on, armed with salt i cant pick them up, id pess out im way to  squeamish lol for my own good

and the embarrassment of buy value beer, must look like a right alkie, glad its not white cider they like  hahaha im not giving the good stuff thats for me




Just wear gloves pick them up and put them in the bin (making sure they cant get out) - if you put them in the bottle bin the daft buggers just climb into the bottles anyway. Search early morning if you dont want to be out with a torch but make sure you get the tiny ones.


Personally all I have ever found that beer traps do is attract even more slugs to the party - sober slugs are bad enough.


I've managed to save my Sunflowers so far but if I hadn't placed the cut off coke bottles round the bases,I'm sure they would be dead by now.Certain plants never get touched though,I planted out some young Wallflowers about three weeks ago and they are good as new still.The leaves just aren't sappy enough.


Pine cones? Please tell me more I haven't heard of that before.
Onions, yes! That explains it. All the alliums are fine as are plants around them.
They seem to keep away from penstemons too, I seem to remember that was a reason I planted them. Any one know other slug resistant flowering plants?
Steve 309

It's supposed to be the rough edges of the cinders they don't like crawling over so any ash would do.  Wood ash best for the soil.

But I've seen a photo of a slug climbing over the edge of a razor blade, so sharp edges may not work after all....

i can't even touch with gloves on, ,maybe i'll get some tongs...they still make my toes curl ugh!