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We planted some new campanula plants recently on the top of our wall. Within 24hours they looked to have been eaten. At first I accused my husband of being 'secateur-happy' but this he denied.

What I want to know is - do slugs eat campanula? 

Yes slugs will eat campanulas but usually when they're flowering.  I find the culprits are the little keel slugs and if you lift the foliage you will find them, knives and forks at the ready.


oh verdun do you mean you EAT them?

The potty gardener

I do love how often comments on here make me laugh out loud


I find slugs eat new growth of Campanula but seem not to like them too much. Vine weevil will also eat Campanula and love to hide under veg on warm walls.


I'm a little ignorant here - what are 'keel slugs'? All I seem to see in our garden are giant slugs and then I'm straight out with my pot of salt! 


oh dear knives and forks,salt, am i mising something here

Chica, without salt they are revolting.  It's like eating pork without apple sauce or lamb without mint


thats it im going out tonight to try one salt and viniger at the ready


IME slugs love certain Campanulas. Many a 'choice' variety has disappeared from my garden.

I now have copper rings to put round the stems of emerging plants & that does seem to help. J.

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