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last back end i invested in quite alot of lilies in order to add scent to my summer garden. now they are beginning to poke through, but im having trouble with hungry slugs.

i dont like using poisons as they harm other creatures and we have 2 small dogs which eat anything! im currently using 'slug gone' wool pellets but with mixed success.

i was wondering what the most effective product is for protecting my emerging lilies... thanks.


HI you can try sharp sand mixed with sea salt, or broken snail shell,s.

Have you actually seen slugs eating them? If not it could be lily beetle, they will eat leaves stems and flowers. They are a very distinctive red colour with a dark underside, about 1/4" to 1/2" long, and they fall to the floor belly side up when they think you're coming. They have no natural predators so you have to pick them off by hand after sneaking up on them, then squish them.


I sound like a cracked record..anyone under 27 won't know what I mean but I use pistachio nut shells. Fun scoffing the nuts & slugs don't like the texture or salt from the shells.  


If it is Lily beetle only one sure way, picking off works if you sit on guard 14/7 , I know you don't like chemicals but Provado ultimate bug killer is the only way & they still have a chew but at least you have some flowers.


cant be beetles yet, the shoots are only just poking through, plus there slug trails...

wouldnt salt damage the plants?


Put a dish down containing beer (bitter). The slugs love it and they drown happy.

yeah i know but im not sure theyll prefer the beer to the lily shoots.


I think they'd probably go to the beer first! I would haha!! Seriously though, try the beer option!!


It's worth a shot at least!

ive used copper band, stuck to a cut off plastic bottle which is about 4" high.... no new munchings last night, but it was cold, plus i used a sprinkle of salt around the outside of the plastic ring , the ring is pushed into the earth so theres about 3" above the ground.

I use crushed sea shells around the base of plants. The slugs don't like their bellies cut so stay away.

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