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Jist a story !
Fifteen years ago,  my mother, Mamie Murphy, aged 70 at the time, owned and ran The Charleston Hotel, Aboyne, Royal Deeside. The front gardens always took a lot of looking after and she found it was always plagued by slugs. She was advised to place a few soup plates, filled with lager around the garden. Success! Every morning the plates were full of slugs with one hell of a hangover ! She later sold the hotel and moved back into her other home in Bucksburn, Aberdeen. I would visit every weekend, and would usually be given a beer or two from some of the stock she had saved from the hotel. She told me that she was having a slug problem in her garden again, and had tried the lager solution, but, it didn't seem to be working. When I asked her to show me what she was putting out in the garden, it turned out to be, Alcohol Free Lager ! And she had a garage full of it ! With a small purchase of a couple of cans of Tennents, the solution worked again! Every visit from then on, the slugs got the Tennents and I got the Kalibar ! It works ! The slugs just lie around, drunk all day, and I am teetotal !
Mike Murphy.

My friend used beer to catch the slugs she then tipped them out on the path and the seagulls came along and ate them, result drunk seagulls.


Milk works the same, the slugs crawl in as they are attracted to the sweetness and are drowned. Cheaper than alcohol!

As I say try broken egg shells,really works...dry them break them up & place around the plant(s) affected...tried the lager traps,but made me retch,and I have got a very strong stomach.....  I have got a pond now,and adopted some forg spawn,this also seems to be working,although we have got really big slugs,possibly the Spanish ones everbody is talking about,approx 3-4 inches long black and green,so the frogs only appear to go for the babies which is great....Strange really,as we lived in Spain for 6 years,& never once saw a single slug anywhere... ....

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