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I have used new cat litter to keep slugs and snails off my plants and it works well but I don't know if its ok to use around vegetable plants such as runner beans can you advise

Victoria Sponge

Hi Sara,

I don't know about the veg, but that is a hell of a good idea. I imagine they won't like it because it's absorbent. I've got bags of cat litter in the house so I'll have a try.

I had been using poultry grit...


I don't have cats but is Cat Litter similar to  the compressed bales of wood shavings you can purchase from several outlets..............if cat litter works, then I am sure this would and I would think it would be cheaper perhaps ?  Plus of course your cats won't be miffed at losing their Litter tray contents


Victoria Sponge

The stuff I've got says it is made of lime and quartz sand but it might be worth a shot around test areas.

Phillippa do you mean like horse bedding bales? I was wondering if it might blow away. Also the cat litter disintegrates back into a sand when wet with its limey contents which I didn't think of before.

What kind of cat litter do you have Sara? Do you know what it's made of? That might help with your veg question...


Give them a pint of beer that will sort them out 


Victoria..........yes, I think that is probably what I mean.....I use it on the floor of my Chicken shed  and also to  lay on my paths when it floods.  It is very absorbent .....if you lay it just before it rains ( which should be just about anytime I think ! ), it stays in situ and in my experience, helps not only to absorb excess water but still stays sharp enough to deter some slugs/snails.  There is another which is much coarser which probably works as well if not better as a deterrent.

As I said, not a cat owner so didn't realise Catlit contained sand ?  Hope this may help anyway

Victoria Sponge

Cheers, I might buy a small bale and put it around my remaining cabbages

I heard on our local radio station's gardening programme that slugs and snails hate garlic. Put a smear of garlic paste on the rims of pots and they won't touch the contents. For plants in open ground, water frequently with "Slug Soup" - made by boiling one whole bulb of garlic in two pints of water for 20 minutes, straining off the resulting soup, and adding about two tablespoons of it to a gallon of water in your watering can. Water the leaves of the plants with this and the little horrors avoid them. I don't know from my own experience yet if this works, but I trust the gardening gurus who advocated it. It's worth a try. And, it's cheap!


How often is 'frequently'? Every day or every few days? Sounds a good idea.

its true about the garlic yes. Garlic is a natural pesticide and can also be used to treat aphid infestations by infusing it into water (steep crushed cloves in hot water). Spray the solution (now cold) on areas of infestation.

flowering rose

true about garlic it does work to a decree  as do beer traps,dog biscuits  and many more things including birds and frogs but you will never ever get rid of slugs and snails and keeping them at bay is hard work .


I must try out the cat litter tip, didn't know that could help

What happens if you have cats in the garden? We have some ( don't know who owns them but that's cats for you!) and they use the wood chippings on a path as a toilet! I think that I would go for the garlic. I have used nemetodes that were very successful for a couple of years; however you have to choose the weather I.e. no heavy rain and they can only be stored for a short while as they are living creatures.

The cat litter I use is the cheapest non clump forming gritty type but it also has small water absorbing gel bits.  I guess it works just like egg shells but is more readily available. So far have had really good results and it seems to stay in place really well even when  it rains and so I don't have to top it up very often.

Victoria Sponge

You could ask whoever makes it what it is made up of to see if it's safe for your veg?


Hogweed, I suppose "frequently" depends on the weather. If it is wet or showery, it would probably wash the garlic smell off, and would therefore need to be reapplied. It might look odd watering in pouring rain.......! But, if it works, who cares? 


I use the garlic too and haven't seen a vampire in the garden for ages 

Could anybody help me decide what plants to put in my garden that slugs won't eat? I have lost loads of bedding plants?

Another option is Diatomaceous Earth (which is in a lot of cat litter i think).

I have used product called Envii Feed and Protect from Amazon which also acts as a plant food and has worked well keeping bedding plants and veg safe.....except for some that i forgot to treat

Also pet safe which is a bonus as hungry labradoodle would find the pellets too tempting and also got chickens and hasn't harmed them at all as you use in a watering can and water onto plants and surrounding soil.

Otherwise its a case of going Ninja with a head torch and gloves!

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