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Last year for the first time I noticed that newly planted flower heads were disappearing.  It was almost as though we had been visited by a pair of scissors since only the stalks were left.

Having made a few enquiries, it would seem that the culprits could very well be slugs, so my question is, what can I do to stop them decimating my flowers again this year. I have a dog and three cats, so must be mindful of their welfare in finding a solution. 

Try nemetodes once the heavy showers pass over. 


Is it safe for animals please?

You can order nematodes but slightly early I think.  

Safe, yes, for animals and us


Nematodes are microscopic worms which you water on the soil and are completely safe.  In fact, there are nematodes in your soil anyway, but 'Nemaslug' (the one to google for) just adds lots more which will kill any slugs in the area where you water it in.  It doesn't kill snails though, so best go out with a torch at night to see whether it is slugs or snails (or both if you are unlucky!)

Do be aware that other things may be to blame though, including squirrels, birds (esp. pigeons) and rodents.


I use new cat litter and it seems to do the job, forming a barrier that slugs and snails dont cross. Its cheap and safe! Only thing is I dont know if its ok to use around food crops such as runner beans, maybe someone can tell me.

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