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The potty gardener

I am new to gardening. Could someone please tell me do slugs eat Geraniums, the bedding type. Also do they eat Dianthus. Thank you


i have never known them to eat geraniums or dianthus.. they are not soft and juicy enough for them.


I am afraid my red geraniums have been knibbled by snails...I thought the smell of geraniums put snails off the plants, but sadly no. 


they do. They just bite bits of it to taste first. if its not tasty they move on to something else. the tip of my dianthus has just been bitten off cleanly but was not eaten. i suppose the snail spat it out and shouted "yuk" that tastes awful. lol

They do nibble pelargoniums, which are often called bedding geraniums. The hardy true perennial geraniums seem immune. I've never noticed any damage on my perennial dianthus pinks.


Slugs ate my Bay and Skimmia bushes, and you know how leathery their leaves can be. They will eat anything. I have tried all the usual self remedies, and now won't grow the real slug aperitifs.Anything annual that my husband wants to grow are in pots with inches of sharp grit. Don't do veg any more.

Odd. Slugs have been eating ONLY my geraniums and dianthus! Also, a time or two, they've tried my Vietnamese Hollyhocks....

i think if you stand still long enough they will eat your shoes,Kates just filled a bed with violas and forgot to slug pellet it and they are 90% gone in one night,i just had to laugh or i would have cried, she did it as a nice surprise for the people moving in soon, slugs have no feelings at all the swines

Slugs n snails eat dianthus when the flowers are out. So, out of season, they won't be touched. Caterpillars also ...prob more,pelargoniums. 

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