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I know they are out there, but I'm blowed if I can find any. 

Can anyone help? About 5 years ago I purchased some bird friendly slug pelletts. They weren't great but they did work with regular dosing. The best thing was they don't hurt birds or pets should the slugs /snails are eaten.

ive been to homebase and other stores but have no luck. Any ideas?

Sorry, can't help with the slug pellets but this year I have had success in the slug war with rings made from adhesive copper tape obtainable in garden centres and designed to wrap around the rims of pots.  However if you cut off  lengths and form them into  rings  (May be cut in half too) and pop them around the stems of your most vulnerable plants they do seem to keep the slugs away.


Yeah, for some reason Asda only had the metaldehyde this year so I had to buy online.  Googling 'organic slug pellets' will find them.

I'm thinking of using beer traps, but I read somewhere on the Blog that someone had had success with using something other than beer . I cannot remember what it was. It had kitchen ingredients I think. If anyone knows please let me know!


Jess is in the Garden

Nematodes work a treat to keep slugs away from my plants.

Not cheap, but they do work for about 3 months after one application.


Liking the sound of these organic pellets!

I've been liberally scattering broken egg shells around my flower and veg beds. This with coffee grounds seemed to work last year. My main problem now is rogue cats digging everything up to hide their little presents!!!!!


I've put horticultural grit around my chomped tulips. I put pistachio nut shells around hostas, providing grit with some salt, slugs don't like those, plus I have an excuse to be greedy.

Pistachio nut shells sounds like a plan KEF. Going to have to try that one 

Hi Edd,

That could be it! I'll definitely give it a try.

Thanks very much!

star gaze lily

Kef, might give the pistachio shells a try, any excuse to have a munch of those 

Steve 309

I treated myself to some mussels the other week and thought, "these shells are just like eggshells".  So I stuck them in the fire for a bit to burn off the residual mussel bits and have crumbled them coarsely along with my eggshells.  They're going round the baby lettuces next week......

just though t i'd mention tesco has 4 packs of bitter or lager for £1 tha't cheapest i've found to drown the disgusting things!!

Jim Macd

I only have one hosta but I've never had any problems with slugs, I make sure I have a balanced garden attracting wildlife. They eat the slugs and I enjoy the wildlife. Nematodes sound good if you can't do balance though.


Steve 309

That sounds like an excellent organic garden, Jim

I think the 'organic' pellets' active ingredient is ferric phosphate, which doesn't sound very organic to me.

Sharon Brattle

I have been using Organic child & pet safe slug busting granules which seem to work, but the only downside is when it gets wet it swells to an unsightly sticky mess! Still, better than ruined plants and flowers I suppose.

i do my best to encourage birds and we'd love a hedgehog! what do you mean by balanced jim, how to acheive?

AAARRRGGGHHHHH!!!!!! was so busy ensuring kept the @~@?@@@@ off sweet peas forgot all my young clematid - 8 of them- they've been eaten to within an inch of their lives, now surrounded with grit eggshells and beer desperately hoping the can recover come are pretty damaged

flowering rose

After years of trying to be friendly to snails and slugs and at the same time kind to birds ,the only nasty way to be is a quick death to the snails and slugs (in boiling water) and then feed to birds ,no toxins .Hate it  but no alternative.