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My Japenese Maples leaves are all drying up at the edges even though I sometimes water them, this happened last year as well and I don't know what to do to prevent it

At the risk of answering every question tonight.....where is the staff these days?.....I think your Acer is probably too exposed to the sun or wind. 

Down here, not far from the coast, acers are little tricky to grow.  However, I have positioned my acers.....2 of the Japanese varieties.....with taller plants to the sunny side.  In one spot I have a 9' tall golden yew, a miscanthus grass and a tall agastache to create a dappled shade position for a purple Acer.  Despite the strong sun, etc it's leaves are unmarked and perfect.  In another spot an Acer is in shady corner with yellow philadelphus adding some protection.  I think the answer is to create some plant screening Norma


Hi Norma, as Verdun says, they need a bit of shelter, they'll just be suffering the effects of wind and or sun.


When you say you have watered them do you mean the leaves Norma? If you water the leaves when the sun is out that would scorch them too.

Thanks guys,will try to move it to a shadier spot. It does get some sun now but unfortunately I live in a windy road as well so it won't be easy! Lets hope it will be better next summer

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