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Verdun these are the ones I've worked out so far

Happy face : + )
Extra super happy face : + D
Sad face : + (
Confused : + s
Gary Hobson
BobTheGardener wrote (see)
... someone should contact Apple and tell them to make their devices work with existing standards!

That's exactly the point.

There's nothing wrong with the GW website. The problem is that iPads cannot display many websites correctly.

Possible workaround:

I use a laptop, so I have no experience of the problem. I have not tried the workround, and don't know if it actually works for this website.

I don't know that the absence of support for Flash is the cause of this particular smiley problem. But it is true that there are some technical issues with iPads.

I believe that Kindle tablets, and most other tablets, which use the Android operating system, don't experience this problem. It just seems to be Apple products.

Bunny ...
I have heard of puffin before on another forum where members found it useful , I may try and let you know ..
Bunny ...

ok it has brought up the icons , need to have a play now .....

thanks for promt

It's no real problem. Smileys are good for displaying friendliness but I will always try to post with friendship in mind anyway.



I can get smilies on the kindle-what I done yet understand is Verdun why you wont experiment with the symbols-when you asked the question??

Bunny ...

i have kindle ....but dont use for browser

Ok Geoff, I will experiment. I did try while back. Always in such a hurry so intend to do things but then forget. I do enjoy seeing those smileys tho

Thanks for the tip about Puffin, that's sorted it out. 

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