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There are plants to which slugs/snails are attracted, both in early Spring and later, but they start on decaying vegetable matter so a Spring clean-up is important.  Decoys like lettuce and cabbage are useful as are keeping the birds in your garden as the snow recedes.... to eat the slugs and the caterpillars.  It is difficult to protect Delphinium blossoms from caterpillars but there is slug bait for the Spring attack from slugs/snails.  I have been tempted to get crushed coral to spread around Delphiniums and Bearded Irises bit I fear it would become a hazard for me afterwards; I don't know if crushed eggshells work well either.


I have been astonished that the slugs have even been up my sunflowers and eaten the petals (left a slimy trail behind so I know it's them).

The title of this post should add '"and why don't the French eat slugs too".

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