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Please help! Has anyone got ideas on how to rid the garden of a snail army that's invaded. At the moment all found are kept in a bucket and relocated to the woods, 400 yards away. I'm loosing many plants to slugs, snails and ants.... please help! Thanks

Use nematodes for all of them. The weather has been perfect for a pest explosion, you'll be fighting a losing battle otherwise.

What are nematodes ??


It's a beneficial predator that chomps away at the relevant pest 

I think you get them online - if you google nematode it'll bring up suppliers. Not used them myself but lots of people on here have - to great effect. I believe they're quite expensive but if they're bringing their friends and family nightly to your 'restaurant' it's probably worth it. 

PS -miss d - I'd squish them rather than releasing if you're really struggling. That way - you know they ain't comin' back... 

Ants aren't eating the plants - they're feeding on the greenfly excretions 

You will need different nematodes though miss d..

Ants are best discouraged by the garden hose.  I find an occasional hose down where,the ants are...if better than ant killer.  However, are the ants bothering ??ou.?  Ants are everywhere and do little harm....unless a nest is under a plant or metering your home. Any warm, dry spot seems popular with ants.


Thanks fairygirl, so if I've got ants on my plants I've got greenfly ?


As Verdun has said above - ants don't really cause too much of  a  problem unless they've got a nest - pot usually, or sometimes under paving - and a good soaking moves them on. They're not usually much of an issue up here because it's usually so wet! They sometimes 'harvest' greenfly for the sugar solution they produce . Earlier in the year when plants are growing strongly  I squirt them (greenfly) off with soapy water, or run my hands over any little gatherings, and also encourage the birds as they'll eat loads in spring when they're feeding their young. It's  a three pronged attack but it all balances out over time. 


I agree with all above, only exception is that I buy ant traps, little tubs fron B & Q and such places when they go into greenhouse. They tunnel between the paving slabs as the floor is usually dry. They take the product back to the nest and they die off. I'm happy to hose the ones who make nests in dry areas of cracks in my paths.


Sorry got distracted, slugs and snails if you don't feel you can kill them out right put salt and water in your bucket and drop them in & dispose of them next day. No use taking them on a holiday they do return, if not in your garden but a neighbours

Sorry meant to say Hello  miss D & Pauline 

Many thanks all, and hello back to KEF  

Thanks for all the help, am far too skweemish to kill snails, especially the disposal side! Am now confused as I thought the ants in their nest had eatern my basil leaving nothing but stalks, must be those snails again! 



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