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snowberry bush i need some help,  had snowberry bush as a hedge in front garden  neighbour took it out several years ago to put up a fence, my side is a boarder that i have dug over and re planted but the snowberry keeps coming up.  how do i get rid of it?  or if i cant how do i make it back into a hedge, ie, when to cut it and is there something i could grow with it so its not so bare in the winter, thanks


It's persistent and it suckers.Let it go for a bit and give it the glyphosate treatment if you don't want it. It's OK as part of a wildish hedge/windbreak but it's not hedging material

thanks  Nutcutlet don't think I can use that as I have a tree in the border and some shrubs guess it will kill them too , would a paint on the leaf type weed killer be any good? 


You can paint glyphosate onto the leaves. 


It will only kill what you paint/spray it on 


try round up i use it all the time as its part of my job and feel it does a great job they now do a roll on tube has a strong type weedkiller inside well worth a shot.. or get a cereal box cut the top and bottom out and place the box over the plant u wish to kill and spray it that way reduces chances of hurting anything near by and reduces drift hope this helps 

have taken some of this advice today in trying to get my snowberry back under control.  I'm pulling roots out that stretch about 6ft across the lawn. The work of the devil that stuff I tell you.  lets hope some glyphosate starts working...


It is not going to be a quick fix, no matter what you use. I started killing the stuff 3 years ago on the road side near us, as it was obscuring the blind bend. I noticed today that they are new shoots appearing on it. I used Brushwood killer too!

I have it growing through from the wasteground (aka neighbours garden) at the back. Keep hacking off the bits that poke through but it really winds me up

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