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My favourite rose is covered in greenfly. I have read that soap solution is effective but am unsure how much washing up liquid to use in a pint of water.  Anyone got a good recipe?  I assume that I'll have to wait for the sun to disappear before spraying.


just put a dollop in the cup. I then make as many bubbles as I can in the glass and place the bubbles on the leaves.


Alternatively if you want to use a spray just but a little dollop in a litre. About the same strength as you would wash your dishes with. You can see if its working as they will all be dead in a few hours.

Our garden is plagued at the moment, aquilegia covered, all roses got them,been out spraying every day

hello LesleyK, I dont think you will get much joy from washing up liquid; I am a 75 year old gardener and I remember when we used to do gardening at school, we used to disolve soft soap in a bucket, then use a stirrup pump to spray the crops. If you google horticultural soft soap, you are given a choice of what is on the market. I have used Savona for a number of years now, the only problem with it, is disolving it as it is like axle grease and needs hot water to disolve it. i mix batches in half gallon plastic milk bottles, then this can be diluted again for use in the sprayer. It is quite economical, I have not bought any for about 3 years now at around £6 a tub, there are others on the market, but I stick to what I am used to



 Sorry photo a bit blurry.

I'm also spraying soapy water every day just now as well as sliding them off stems by hand.  My roses and aquilegias are also completely covered.  I've never seen so many and they keep coming back every day even on the lavatera.

yarrow2,  you do not say what soapy water you are using, what you need is the horticultual soft soap, spraying with this blocks the pores of your pests, like I have already stated if you google Horticultural soft soap you are faced with a choice, there is one on Amazon at £9-50 a bottle will make 12 1/2 litres but I stick to Savona


I find that Ecover works just as well 


Just out of curiosity as I have been using washing up liquid with good success am I doing any harm in using it?


Thank you all for your advice.  My worry was that I would use too strong a solution and harm the leaves (a dollop sounds about right).  I have rarely had such an invasion here apart from three years ago when the lupins were covered.  Yarrow2 - how nice of you to post a photo I was trying to get their image out of my mind for tonight.

I will order some of the horticultural soap valrobbo but till it arrives will try soapy water. Ecover sounds good Dove and there is a farm shop fairly locally that appears to stock it.


Orchid Lady

I have always used a washing up liquid solution (Ecover) which has always worked well, however I have managed to damage my pear tree (there was a thread a couple of weeks ago), I'm not sure how but it could have been a combination of sun when I did it and it was also very windy.  It hasn't damaged my roses though and has never ever caused damage before.



Thanks for that Orchid  Lady. We are not being threatened by too much sun at the moment so I'll risk it


I've been using washing up (Fairy) liquid on the infestation on my bronze fennel (purely decorative plant) and washing it off later (taking care not to get too much of the soapy run off on the soil). Could this be damaging the plant? Its certainly not putting much of a dent in the little green things! I've been using it in a spray bottle to try and get better coverage

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