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We moved into a house which has an established soap wort plant in a flower border. It has taken over and many other plants have struggled to thrive this year. We have tried digging up roots, snipping new shoots, systemic weed killer. Nothing works. We really want to remove it. Does anyone know how to get rid of it. We are prepared to kill it off.

What we've done is to weed it out as soon as we see the little shoots appearing in the spring, and then methodically keep doing it.  Keep on top of the weeding - it's a pain but it's working 

Pennine Petal
You'll never get rid of it, I dug down a foot, turned all the soil, took out the roots and runners, or so I had thought. It's back! Like Dove I pull out all the little seedlings as I find them. It's a shame really because it is a pretty scented flower,but it gets everywhere.
There was a previous thread on it, which I started when I didn't know what the plant was.

Ours had spread in from next door.  When we replaced the fencing we were able to dig out  the main roots and runners, but it does keep reappearing, so vigilant weeding is the key!  In the growing season I walk along the borders every evening, taking out the tiny weed seedlings, that way nothing ever gets so big that it becomes a problem.

It does seem that weeding is a neglected art!

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