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30/06/2012 at 10:37

This may seem a bit of a daft one but........

I have done a bit of digging reseeding of the grass at the edges of the front 'lawn' in order to raise and lower the level to match the pavement/path.  A couple of things are now eveident.   I appear not to have used as much seed as I should have done and the levels are also not as good as I had hoped.  Primarily the soil I put down before seeding has got lower (possibly I did not tread it in hard enough).  The question is can I just add soil on top of what I have sown?  My hope is that the grass will grow through it (it seems to work everywhere else that I do not want it!!).  Or will I have to (effectively) start again?  Thanks

30/06/2012 at 10:55

You can if you add it gradually of a period of weeks-I am would also suggest mix some grass seed into the sieved sill or compost and you have covered both bases-do not over do it or the existing grass will struggle.

01/07/2012 at 00:06

Could you not slide your spade into the soil below the new grass lift slightly and poke some soil in to raise levels?

02/07/2012 at 17:14

Thanks to both for your replies. Think I just needed someone to pat me on the shoulder and say - yep that will be OK!! Cheers

02/07/2012 at 17:34

Soil on existing grass was how we levelled bowling greens.
Each year at the end of season there would be runs or folds.
After scarifying and aerating we would put a load of lawn soil on the green and rake it in leveling with a long plank. The soil contained seed and fertiliser it was then left to over winter and we would then cut it dropping the blade to find a perfect sward.
Slight hollows would get the same treatment it must have worked as we got many a slap on the back for a nice smooth lawn.
Use a good compost mixed with agricultural washed sand and mix the seed into it, rake it level using a plank from the lawn to the paves leaving the lawn side slightly high as it will settle. If too high push a spade in and lift enough to remove soil with a trowel drop the sod back and water well.


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