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I am trying to identify a ?pest in my allotment. They are white approx 2-5mm long and they look a bit like a worm but with a bigger head?? There are everywhere, they attach to any roots, or anything underground. My soon was digging a hole and filling it with water and there were hundreds of them in the "soup". How can I get rid of them. Previous years I just wash them off but their numbers seem to be on the increase.


Unfortunately I can't post a pic, but maybe you could google vine weevil larvae to see if that's the culprit?


2 - 5 mm is mighty small for vine weevil, do you mean cms?

 This is the best phot I can get, any ideas anyone???


Do they jump? or have legs.


No they don't jump, I think they may have legs but are too small for me to see, they look to have antenae?


I'm inclined to say, although the pic is well blurred - white spring tails, Protaphorura armata. However, there are many kinds, some jump...some don't. They kind of fit the bill with regards to the environment they like - wet/damp soil.

Google on images, see if the close-up matches what you've actually seen yourself. 

I have come across the very tiny small ones in compost before, but never ones this size.

Thanks. The whitespringtail does look the closet match  so far although the ones in my ssoil are larger and i haven't noticed them jump. Any ideas on how to control them? 


I'd say, try to keep the soil as dry as you can. If you do have to water, use a can as opposed to a hose. These things thrive in moist/damp/wet soil - or try to find some sort of product that tackles these creatures.

Sorry, not much help... I'm I.


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