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I've just taken advice from my local council about a growing problem with loud music 50 yards away from our house. They have a procedure to follow, which starts with a stiff letter and could end up in court. They tell me that the letter usually works. They will ask you to keep a diary sheet, which they will supply, and any other evidence. (You could give them a link to this site, too!)


I have every sympathy with you Joe but I think loud music is one thing, but having the misfortune of having a neighbour with a loud voice might be considered to be just the luck of the draw  

Can't see a court  finding someone guilty of talking loudly - not sure what the papers would make of that!

Don't need sympathy, Dove - I'll have 'em! But if you look through RD's posts, there's a lot more than the odd loud comment. At least the Local Authority will give clear advice as to whether the neighbour is committing a civil nuisance, or whatever the terminology is. If they don't feel they have any powers in this case so far, then there are some sensible suggestions, as well as naughty ones, on this thread. The thing to remember is always to act reasonably and stay within the law, avoid accusations of harrassment, etc.


Hi RD,  I hope the water feature works as well as the sound proof fencing - that looks good, and will only enhance your lovely garden.  if you do in the end choose to move, you will only have to declare if your have had a dispute with your neighbour - to date you haven't, she's a noisy neighbour and there's not dispute as yet.  So any step along an official path will need the consideration you I'm sure have already given.  Good luck

lol at this one. I had neighbours so bad, 4 dogs, threats as well as the noise - aka music left on when they werent even in!! we were basically 'forced' to move - at a cost to ourselves. That was a semi-detatched. We paid extra for a run-down detached right now.

(A) Dont let the neighbours know how annoying/noisy there are ( unless you think they are 'resonable' in our situation..things get totally out of hand.

We currently have decent neighbours but, like you, we have a couple who just have loud annoying voices..even the whistle he does grates!..Now..this is nothing like our last lot so to be honest..we can live with it. Saying that, have erected a fence, put sleepers up as high as i can go, with some bricks up halfway. I am growing evergreen shrubs including loads of bamboo. I have also double thickened our fence ( makes no difference mind you! ), and dug in a years or so time perhaps everything will grow and at the very least..out of sight out of mind.

I totally get where your coming from. I love my garden, plants and flowers..other neighbours dont give a stuff about there but come out and chat away. I know it sounds..lame..for want of a better word, and i know i dont live in the country..i wish i did, but i too would just love to come into my garden and potter away and hear nothing but wind and birdsong.

I actually perfer the drizzlier days..means 'they' arnt in their garden!!

I am considering a small water feature however just to aid a little of my own noise. Other than has been said, a double thick, high brick wall...costing gowd knows!! and fast growing dense shurbs/bamboo is basically your only solution.



I've followed this thread and given input from the start. I think re- reading all that has been said and things that the poster has said we consider calling it a day. My opinion being that there are always two sides to a story.

KEF I hope your not siding with those 'orrible neighbours who couldnt give a blinking stuff about the noise they gabble on at. Yes, there are two sides to every story ( as the great PCollins once said ) but I don't want to have to listen to their side of the story..what they earn, where they are going, whose coming around etc etc People should respect others privacy. A few parties here and there no problem but every time someone heads into the garden they should be aware of their own annoying voices.

Echo however what youve also said, in that not a lot more advice can be said on the matter. You have crud neighbours- do what i did and move! and then hope/prey you get lucky next time around!!

Wessex Wellies

Gobby neighbours ?

Answer them back when they ask questions and join in with the conversation.

If they ask you why you're doing it tell them.. " Were you not talking to me ? I presumed you were because you were talking so loudly. Sorry to but in on your conversation.I hope the rash clears up/dog gets better/Britney does better at school..etc Carry on ! Don't mind me !! "


Wellies - I speak from experiance ( sadly ) and the worst! thing you can do is let them know they annoy you. Chances are they will be the type of ingrates who don't give a stuff anyroad so you tackling the situation head on will only make things a 100x worse. And - worse still - the fact you have tackled it and it continues means will ache on your mind until the day you or they move..every single sound that comes from 'them' will be intensified as though it was a delibrate attempt make a noise..even on the occasions it may not of been. Honestly. best not let on and instead make your own noise ( in the hope perhaps 'they' may complain about you and an amicable agreement can be agreed. )

flowering rose wrote (see)

Any one live next to Glaston bury?


I know people next to T in the Park and they do not mind the noise for a few days. They put up barriers weeks in advance around the site but tidy up quickly. The exclusion zone and road closures is actually good for them as the roads are then very quiet.

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