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Parsnips were sown on the allotment several weeks ago, I made a hole filled it with compost then planted two seeds in each station. It's difficult now, to know if they've germinated because of all the tiny weeds growing in the compost.

Was thinking of digging the area over and trying again but this time putting a jam jar over the seeds so at least the spot where they were planted is marked or is it too late to sow parsnips....  

The difficulty is parsnip seedlings look like annual weed seedlings...

Orchid Lady

When I sowed mine Zoomer I actually let all the seedlings grow, just in the area where I had sown the parsnips - except of course for obvious weeds like chickweed and the dreaded Marestail - when I knew for certain which ones were the parsnips I then weeded the rest, the parsnips were in rows so it was fairly easy to tell.  I did the same with the Beetroot and carrot too which were on the same patch.

I was wondering whether to try some more parsnips and carrots though, I don't think it's too late and not many of mine germinated so was going to sow more between the existing rows (there is just enough room). We will just get later veg that's all but the way things are growing now they may even catch up.  Also, I think I was early sowing mine anyway which is possibly why they didn't germinate very well.


I would say it's too late for parsnips, ideally sown in March and April. They can take up to a month to germinate.

Carrots will be okay sown now, mine are Chantenay so won't grow large, only seedlings at the minute.  

Orchid Lady

I'll leave the parsnips then and just put some carrots in, thanks KEF 

Think I'll also leave the parsnips a while longer, I've nothing big enough ready to go out yet. They were dated so will check when sown.


I resowed parsnips earlier this week. It's not too late, you'll just have to harvest them smaller or a lot later.


Can't argue Dave only grown a few times but only time I had decent ones was when they were sown late March. Did taste good

Orchid Lady

I suppose if I want mine for Christmas it will be ok? I might try anyway I have some spare seed so nothing to lose really. 

Parsnip seed doesn't store well so it may be worth having a go anyway depending on how old your seed already is?
Has anyone tried Monty Dons tip of sewing raddish along the parsnips? Id love to know if this works in the "real world"
Orchid Lady

No I didn't Rebecca because I'd already sown the parsnips, but I don't see why it wouldn't work and will be trying it next year 

Thats the way i learned to do paranips too, but its nice to know if other ways work, im all for making life easier wherever possible
Orchid Lady

It's also a good way of making use of the space between rows when not needed as the radishes are harvested well before the parsnips need that growing space.  A good idea when space is premium 

Hi Mike by the way, hope you're ok x

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