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I have had problems with speedwell over the last 2 years and after treatment the leaves start to wither and thereafter the plant thrives.What do you recommend to irradicate it quickly??Please give me a bell on 01689 850693.Rds David Hatfield


I've got it too, and I'm afraid I love it - it gives those lovely blue flowers under all sorts of things, pops up on my excuse for a lawn, and generally cheers my day!  If it does come where I don't want it, I think it is easy enough to remove by hand. 


We have it on our back lawn, along with lots of other low-growing wild flowers that some people would probably regard as weeds - as you say Bookertoo, it's very pretty - as children we called it Birdseye - when it spreads to the veg patch I get the hoe out 


aha dove, you would recognise my non lawn then, full of all sorts of flowers, little violas, bugle, speedwell, cover, bits of falling over geranium, daisies, but no dandelions, the one I cannot tolerate!  Still gets mowed, now and again, and is still low enough to sit on and enjoy but no greensward - couldn't do that anyway bcause of tree roots. 



We've got everything you have, plus some more - wild marjoram, some primroses are appearing around the edges, scarlet pimpernel and clover,  and oh yes, we have some grass, dandelions and toadstools too, and a bit of moss 


I like the sound of your 2 lawns Dove and Bookertoo

You have my total sympathy David, I too have been fighting against Speedwell for several years. It is taking over my lawns and flower beds. I have been advised to use a lawn weedkiller, such as Verdones, but I warn you it will take some patience! Good Luck

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