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What do you do with spent plants? I have asters that have finished blooming and on the tag, it says bloom for only 1 season.

I was thinking of putting all the spents plants in the trough pot that I could hide out of side in my garden as they are still perfectly healthy plants, sort of like a retirement home for them.

Would just love to hear what you do?



I think you will find that most people just compost them when they are finished,


Pull them up and put them on the compost heap - it's a sort of reincarnation for them 

If you haven't got a compost heap yet, it's a good time of year to start one.  If you don't know how I'm sure there have been threads on here in the past, but if you can't find what you want to know just ask 


I have the asters that flower again next year but if yours are the annual ones they will die when they are hit by the first frost, so you will have to compost them evetually.

It is important to identify which of your other spent plants could flower next year as you will not want to compost them.

Alina W

I'd give those asters another chance - plants sold in flower as asters in late autumn are often Michaelmas daisies, which will flower for years.


I agree with Alina W. I bought two asters in homebase last year that were described as bedding plants and reduced to 99 pence. They looked very sorry for themselves but I planted them, and this year they have grown really well and have loads of buds on which are just starting to open.

hollie hock

I haven't found that annual asters survive the winter.

Alina W

The so-called "bedding asters" that Jenghil describes are perennials, as s/he says. However, some asters are only annuals, it's quite true.

Why not give spent plants away as presents? When they die you can blame it on recipients.

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