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Normally they go for my daffodils but one little blighter this year has been decimating the crocosmia.  He chomps through the stem like a lumberjack then digs out the top corm, peels off the outer skin then, to add insult to injury, digs a hole in the lawn and hides it.

At first I found it amusing but he has now felled almost every stem in three different locations.  He doesn't touch previous year's corms, just the current one so it seems likely there will be big gaps in the autumn border next year.

Apart from squirrel pie any suggestions will be gratefully appreciated. 


Dried chilli powder seems to work for bird seed - not sure if it would work sprinkled round plants. 

I have had some success keeping them from nicking all my young apples this year by hanging net bags of smelly soap in the trees (or might have just been a happy co-incidence) - apparently they don't like the smell.

- but doesn't chilli powder keep the birds away too?

Apparently not - seems they can't taste it



My squirrels like crocus bulbs best, followed by camellia flowers.

I wish the squirrels would eat my crocosmia! I (stupidly) planted the thuggish montbretia and have been trying to get rid of it for years. But no. My squirrels also have a taste for camellia buds and crocus bulbs and also digging random holes to bury horse chestnuts in. My (non-gardening) neighbour seemed a bit perplexed when I explained to him that that is probably why he has small forest growing in his front garden.

Chilli powder does work, I use it in my bird feeders - they still have a go, then get a nose full of chilli and run around the garden trying to rub it off. Usually end up sticking their faces in my pond. Might be worth a try but you'd have to reapply after rain. There used to be a pepper based spray called something like "Squirrel off" that might be easier to apply to growing plants. Not sure if it is still available - I have used it once... make sure you are standing upwind when you spray it!


Thank you all.  I shall certainly try chilli.  Do you think the flakes might work?  It is rather wet at the moment and the powder is more likely to wash away.

Dovefromabove, thank you for your suggestion.  Do you have a good recipe?  I could type it then mount it above the crocosmia as a warning.  





Possibly escaped from Dovefromabove's casserole.

Casserole sounds proper job!  I would happily plant crocus/montbretia if I thought that would stop the beasts decimating my

rose buds

peony buds




AND the bird feeder. 

Trouble is, the one on the dark side encourages them with peanuts so I have no hope - war in the garden!   Have to say got the shock of my life when I saw one chomping into a rose bud - always wondered why it never flowered (its against a fence).

unless you feed the local birdlife get a plastic decoy owl and put it where it can be seen from everywhere in your garden,keeps cats rats and mice away too.

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