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could someone recomend a strong quality product for cleaning up large rockery stones which i cant remember the name of,i want to use something stronger than patio cleaner,last year i just put the karcgher on them which helps but looking to get them even cleaner.


I use Algon. but similar makes are availble and it's environment  friendly. My gnome came up a treat! (old and messy) and I use it on my patio without a Karcher


I rub my rockery stones with organic yoghurt so that they grow algae and lichens and look nicely aged 


Much better idea Dove. 



I like to see the stones WITH green organic surface. Because of this I "clean" nice stones with moss extract. Greetings, ThaiGer


I much prefer the natural look. Also wonder about the effect of pressure washers and chemicals on a rockery. doesn't sound very plant and wildlife friendly

I just use the power washer with the vortex nozzle on they look one hundred and fifty million years young in other words brand new.
It gets used for everything a long drive, patio, greenhouse, conservatory, pots and the concrete gnome my grand children bought me, how do you tell them you hate gnomes?
"Oh" and it gets the moss off the pavements edging my front lawn before the council come round spraying kill it all everywhere.


thanks a lot everyone,i do lift the stones out and do them on the path.,i ended up going to jewson and got their own brick cleaner at £16.


Given that the usual advice on designing and building a rockery is that two-thirds of each rock should be 'below ground', how on earth do you lift them without destroying the planting pockets? 

And given that Jewson Brick Cleaner is designed for removing limescale, I hope you've not spent a lot of money on expensive limestone for your rockery 

darren the gardener

i use jays cleaner on patios and rockerys if a very stubbon stain then use neat and rub with wire brush


i think the stones are fife stones with akind of marble like effect ,they dont look goon when dirty and covered in green algy,no plants in yet.


Then they're probably granite/silica and not limestone 

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