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I have a few standard fuscias that have developed some very sad looking spotty leaves that have turned yellow and are dropping off.  The bark on the stem of the fuscia has also split.  Can anyone thow any light on what this may be and how I can resolve it?




In a container or in the ground?

Jean Genie

If its a standard it should be grown in a pot and overwintered in a greenhouse or conservatory . If it's not hardy it will die and if it is hardy it will die back and shoot from the base and be a standard no more ! Check for rust but maybe it just needs feeding or watering . I've grown several standards from fuchsia cuttings ( bit of a hobby really ) Is it a full standard ? Not sure about the splitting bark though as I've never had that problem.


Leogirl, let`s have some pics please.



 Any ideas greatly appreciated.  It's gown in a pot and has been overwintered in a greenhouse.  Each year, even with severe winters, it has been okay.  It may be the immense changes we have had in the weather (drought and monsoon) but would like to be sure it's not something I should be spraying against (or something)  thanks



I think you may have rust on your Fuchsia - I would carefully pick off affected leaves and put them in the bin or burn them - don't compost them. A fungicide spray may help.

I grow standard Fuchsias but haven't experienced the bark splitting - I hope someone can help

Pam x

Jean Genie

It could also be something fungal but I would follow Lilyloise's advice and dispose of all the infected leaves and maybe invest in an anti-fungal spray .  Have a look at on info on the splitting bark.


It`s not a fungus, it`s a physiological problem caused by all the cold, wet weather we are having. Put the plants back in the greenhouse and let them drain off and warm up. I agree that the yellowing leaves should be removed.

The stem looks to be tight up to the support post. Are you sure it hasnt been rubbing against it in the wind?

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