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Hi, I would like some help with growing on a steep slope, about 1:3. The soil is sandy with lots of large rocks, so not a great soil depth there,
. The site is south facing and open to all the elements, being in North Yorkshire it has very cold winters and a fair amount of rain. There are mountain ash and silver birch already established. The problem being that the soil is eroding with the weather, I don't have any problem with the lower levels of the slope,

Hi Leonette,

The best way to do it is to 'terrace' it.  I'd suggest that you get a gardner in to do it for you as it involves a considerable amount of manual work in creating the terraces.  In this way you end up with a series of level beds at various heights (deopending on the height of the slope) which you can fill with plants.   Maybe best to get a landscape gardner in to advise and quote.

If you don't take this approach you'll be limited in the type of plants which can be grown on sandy soil,  together with a somewhat intemperate climate !

Sorry to be a killjoy !



Hi Chris, thank you for that advice, I had thought of that but it seems a lot of hard work but maybe the only answer
Has anyone got some recommendations for suitable plants that would help stabilise the soil too, thanks

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