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Hi all

I purchased the above mentioned rose last year from a well known online company.  The rose colour hasn't turned out what was advertised so I enquired with them and this is the response I got 

"Sometimes roses can take a season to develop true to colour, therefore; if you have not already done so apply a good quality rose fertilizer during this season and next spring if the dominate colour is still pink, please do not hesitate to contact us again"

Has anyone heard of this?

I think it's a load of rubbish.

Any help would be great

Sara 4

I just looked at some web pictures of this rose, and they all look pink to me even though they're described as mauve ....

Thanks Sara.  I should have done that, when I googled the image - some look like a mauve type other looks pink, I think they will be pink.  

The pink is lovely and the smell is fantastic but I originally purchased them for the advertised colour and the picture that came with it.

Sara 4

Hmmm, advertising ...  but has your rose come out completely yet?  I have a bluey mauve one which is pink when it's in bud, but definitely mauve when it's out.  I suppose shades of colour are in the eye of the beholder, in a lot of ways but advertisers will always pick the most vibrant.  Don't know if I believe their excuse though!

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