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I don't think anybody is being nasty,people are just exposing the way cats act and how some owners are in denial.

To slug hunter,it is in a lot of animals instincts to do this and that,but that is why we domesticate,train and breed so we have socially acceptable animals that we can call pets. But some cannot be tamed. Snakes,spiders and other exotic emotionally retarded animals cannot be tamed but people still own them. cats are different. Intelligent. Used to human interaction over thousands of years,ask the Egyptians. But do we let these animals do what their instincts say? Just look what the burmease python is doing in Florida. Ok an escaped pet,but it's doing what it wants. What about Staffordshire bull terrier,bred to kill,people still own them without them resorting to their natural instinct(most of the time,bad example).Personally I wouldn't own one as they have been bred for this purpose. My guinea pigs were boring,but my mini schnauzer is ace. I would highly recommend one. My dad used to own an aviary in his garden. Just listening to the birds and standing in their enclosure was exhilarating. Cats! My wife's work mate was late as her cat brought in the house a mouse!? WTF! And not for the first time either.

I don't know why having a house cat is socially unacceptable? Or is it the fact that house cats require more effort?

I am not being antagonistic,but I am just sharing facts!

Remember if you let your pet out into the wild it no longer acts like a pet i.e how you want to.

Houseplants anyone?

hollie hock

I don't normally get involved in the cat problem discussion cotty100 but on this occassion I will. I do think you are being antagonistic.

The idea of having a blanket legal ban on keeping cats as purely housecats is socially least in my world it is.

There is a world of difference between a cat and snakes,spiders and the burmese python!  I know it's a snake. Just like they are different from hamsters, rabbits etc.  You could argue that keeping birds in an aviary is cruel? I think birds are meant to be free and fly!

Oh dear, someone was late for work because they had to deal with a mouse, big deal.



Wow, cotty1000 maybe we should, what with all the crap on the pavements, push to have house dogs, but no, that would be cruel, dogs need exercise and cats are no different.

As for the overall debate, get a grip people. I have cats and i live in a highly populated area of cats (next door has 9) and have never put my hand in crap, it's just a matter of being vigilant. It's really not difficult. It's one thing to express an opinion and another to encourage people to break the law and poison animals as clarington suggests!

Anti-freeze? Ffs!


Could someone tell me how to keep a cat inside in a house (and I don't mean a 6th floor apartment). Should a cat owner never open a window or a door, or tie the cat up when they do?A house cat must be kept inside from the day it is born and it's mother should preferably have been a house cat too, so that it doesn't know any different. Once a cat has been outside, it will always want to and will be a very unhappy and stressed animal if locked up inside.

Dream on!


I had a friend who had a house cat. He could leave doors  and windows open all day long and the cat never ever left the house. I know that's just one cat, but the cat had the option to leave, and chose not to.


Clarington wrote (see)
Just as an aside, there are people out there who when a cat messes in their garden think nothing or putting down anti freeze to kill the animal. Yes its an disgusting act but worth considering when encouraging your cats to go elsewhere. I hope for your pets sake your neighbourhood is full old nice old ladies and less garden proud grumps.
hollie hock wrote (see

I have to say Clarington, that whilst I do understand the problem, it's a shame that you have come across as advocating the use of antifreeze



What?! I would never encourage the use of poison to kill an animal! Hollie please read what i have written - all I wanted to do was highlight that other people do - why encourage your animal into someone else's garden and put them at risk when your own garden is the safest place? 

Thank you recent commenters. It seems some people just dont understand cats. I think if I had of simply asked for resolutions without saying I was a cat owner I mayhave just got solutions rather then comments that clearly are not doable or relevent. For those that have suggested possibly resolutions. Thank you and appreciated. I shall give them a go today. I know my dog for example runs a mile from me if ive been using olbas I might experiment waving different smells under their noses and see which one sends them running lol

Well done Clarington, I was just about to come to your defence, people should read the comments properly. I still fel that cat owners are not accepting that they seem to think that there pets are'nt governed by the rules that the rest of us have to follow.

Yes there are negligent dog owners but there is redress for this, and if a dog is seen roaming the streets unattended by its owner its likely to be taken to the pound.

If you want a cat then do as other pet owners do and make sure it is'nt a menace to society. If you cant keep it indoors then take it for a walk. Yes a stupid comment but then thats the reason that cats in built up urban areas arent a suitable pet!

Why should I accept mess and disturbance in my garden because someone else wants to keep a cat and please tell me why I'm supposed to keep a look out for cat crap in my garden when I dont keep cats, and yes I have put my hand in it before.

I have yet to read a logical explanation from anyone to tell me why it is acceptable to own a pet that is allowed to defecate where it likes and decimate the local bird population!


Filmbuffy - I think a large part of the concern that has been voiced here is that by deterring your own cats from using your own garden you are increasing the likelihood of them using someone else's - that is unfair and is not being responsible for your own cats - and as Clarington has pointed out it also exposes your cats to the risk of annoying someone who has no scruples about using noxious substances to get rid of the problem. 

At least while your cats are happy using your garden they are not contaminating other peoples' gardens, and you can quite justifiably claim to be responsible for them and not annoying your neighbours. 

As you are the owner of the cats in question, you have more control over them than people whose gardens are used by cats who do not belong to them.  That is why you have received the suggestions above. 


How to stop the hedgehogs pooing on the lawn and the sparrow hawk taking the birds.   

I find that no bare earth, and my veg patch protected by Bamboo / twig "soldiers" means no cat poo. The two cats from next door do like to sunbathe in the GH

Dove. As stated I provide alternative sources for my cats. Thats taking a lot more responsibility then a lot of cat owners. Annoying yes to have other people's cats poo in your garden. But pple are not going to stop having cats as a pet so everyone should be applying the same humane methods in their gardens. If everyone did the same the cat would have no choice but to use its litter tray or find somewhere to go that's not affecting anyone. There will always be people out there who feel using poisons etc is appropriate same as dealing with snails. Another garden pest. I personally could not kill a snail but know plenty that would. Weve just got to learn to find humane solutions and get on with things. But I must say I am amazed at the lack of understanding on here. And some if the suggestions are just not feasible.
Kef. V true. I think it because this winter I didn't have any winter plants so there has been a big clear patch. Once plants establish shouldnt be an issue.

Last time I looked hedgehogs and sparrowhawks were part of the natural biodiversity! Cats are not! Dove summed it up perfectly I think, I may have unfeasible suggestions but we all have our opinions thats what makes it a debate, its good  to hear both sides of the argument, that is how we become better informed.


Just a small correction from me...............I mentioned that a TV documentary was being proposed by the BBC.  It isn't the BBC but LandMark Films.

Sorry if there was any confusion caused by my error.

scroggin wrote (see)

Last time I looked hedgehogs and sparrowhawks were part of the natural biodiversity! Cats are not! Dove summed it up perfectly I think, I may have unfeasible suggestions but we all have our opinions thats what makes it a debate, its good  to hear both sides of the argument, that is how we become better informed.


No one will ever win this debate and I'm sure everyone has been informed now.

Time to go back to gardening!



Very true Sue, just strimmed the grass paths on the lottie,very therapeutic, the sun is shining so will concede this is a subject like politics and religion, best left alone


Hostafan1 wrote (see)

I don't think clarington suggested, in any way , shape or form, using antifreeze. He / she merely pointed out that the level of frustration regarding the problem makes SOME people resort to such levels.

I too defended you Clarington. 


The simplest solution which would massive reduce this problem is if cat owners kept there animals in over night. Cats would use owners litter tray, therefore keeping poo with rightful recepient.

Have you tried setting up a wind chime to startle them. Hanging cds. Bottles with water in.

Have you been out trying anything this weekend?

Moth balls!

Buried in the area known to be used, kept the moles out of my lawn too.