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Hey Lil ???? glad your day went well if nota little soggy by the soundsof it!
Customers do appreciate staff, even if company's don't! B and Q treated my friend like crap and he had workedfor them fir 10 YEARS! He is cycling around the world fir charity now! Gearsweneveruse ishis website, fascinating guy and alsoa keen gardener! I'm Gonna tell him about this site when he's back
myday was long! Started at 7am till 1pm then 5 till 9, gottogoin the garden in the middle thoand watered my lawn seed that was down yesterday and nowI hear it'sgoing to rain lol ahh well! Hope you have a good day tomorrow!) I'm working tomorrow and Monday too so yournot alone!

Hello. I am one of those unfortunate people who suffer with an infestation of CATS. I have a beautiful garden where the local cats think it's ok to use it as their toilet! This year I have not spent too much time in my wonderful world of colour and foliage because it smells so awful. I have tried all sort of devices, from electronic sonic sonar, wooden skewers and even grated cold tar soap to try and repel  these Furry beasts. Well, cat owners, you should be ashamed of yourselves!!! I understand your love for these fur bags but do not let them roam and deficate on other people's property making their lives very miserable. Yes!! It's making me miserable and adding to my depression. My garden used to be my little haven away from the hustle bustle of my busy working life. I understand it's difficult to stop your pets roaming but why have a pet that doesn't spend time with you!!!!!! Dogs poo, has to be picked up, and can cause all sort of infections if it's not. Well. its the same for cats poo. I'm going to be a grandmother in December. when the baby becomes a toddler I'm not going to be able to let it play in the garden before I inspect it for cat shit. I'm so angry at all you cat owners!!! 

@ Ibedmunds: As a cat owner, I'm in the position of being owned by 3 cats that have been trained to use either one of their 3 litter trays or a section of my own garden that I have purposely set aside for their use. I check it twice a day, as well as cleaning the litter trays twice a day. I have assisted my neighbours in preventing MY felines from using their gardens to toilet in. There is a product called Silent Roar made of small clay based granules, infused with (sterilised) big cat urine. It has no odour for humans, but deters domestic cats brilliantly. It is biodegradeable, causing no adverse problems in the garden. Another method I have used is to put a few drops of olbas oil (or something equally as pungent to cats) on small pieces of cotton wool & placed them in areas that the cats have poo'ed. This also deters does a water pistol, if you catch them 'at it'. My cats are regularly vaccinated, wormed & deflead, so do NOT carry the toxocara worm. Cats by their nature, are only one or two steps removed from their wild ancestors, so I'm lucky to have been able to train mine in the way they have been. I refuse to 'be ashamed of being a cat owner'! I also suffer from clinical depression & without my cat companions would have been dead, several years ago, when I was at my worst.

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Lilwead, the emphasis should not be on other people keeping cats out of their gardens, the emphasis should be on cat owners keeping their cats contained within the boundaries of the owners property! It can be done, if it's too much trouble or expensive then don't have a cat! I am a dog owner and it continues to frustrate me with the attitude of some dog owners, who let them defecate without clearing up. But I've never had a dog do it in my back garden , it's a near daily occurrence with cats though.

I don't care what pets people have, you have a duty of care to the animal and general public regardless of legislation.

Pets bring huge joy into our lives, but for many they can become an unwanted stress. We need to consider others as well as ourselves. I have no defence if my dog defecate in public and I don't dispose of it correctly, the same goes for cat owners too, they may have the 'right to roam' , they don't have the right to defecate on other people's property, that is vandalism.

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