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is it ok to store done bulbs and tubers (begonias, daffs etc etc) in a dark (no light at all) garage? i do not have a greenhouse sadly and it would be nice to use them year on year rather than buy them annually each year and chuck the bulbs on the compost when done.


I leave daffs in the ground.

If something is dormant it shouldn't need light, sounds like a good place 

hi nutcutlet. well i have a mix - i have a load of daffs, anemones, iris and a couple of other varieties both in the ground but predominantly in pots. i was also thinking of getting some begonias, and rather than chuck the bulbs in autumn on the compost it would be nice to keep them for the year after. would that work?


I don't do begonias but I think they would need frost free storage. The hardy bulbs would be fine through the summer once they're dormant.

Orchid Lady
nut, can I ask why you don't do Begonias? I was thinking of getting some, never had them before and not sure whether to or not. Thanks T



I have a large natural style garden Tracey. Lots of hardy trees,shrubs, perennials, native plants. Aimed at supporting all the resident wildlife.

I don't grow tender, double or fancy hybrid.




Orchid Lady
I see, I thought maybe it was becuase they were difficult or something. I bet your garden is lovely. I have no idea what that last sentence means (being a newbie!!).

Tender plants die in the winter

Double flowers aren't any use to insects and don't make seeds.

Fancy hybrids the same and don't fit in visually.


PS Tracey

My garden has been lovely in years past but due to neglect is a right shambles now. I hope to get it back this year

Orchid Lady
Thanks Nut, I googled fancy hybrid and it came up with a load of cars, could have been worse I suppose!!!
otnorot but just call me Bill

Djjjuk you can store all summer bulbs,tubers,rhizomes, I store Callas,Cannas,Dahlias,Gladiolus,Begonias.I also store Geraniums,close to 50.These are all stored in my furnace room in cardboard boxes in paper and plastic bags.


When should I buy begonia bulbs

As soon as they come into the shops for the biggest choice. But keep them frost-free but cool until a bit later

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