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I like to collect seeds from some of my plants but storing them is a real problem. The shed is too damp, the fridge is too cold and the house is too warm! What has been successful for other gardeners?


What seeds are you storing Posy. The fridge wont be too cold for anything I can think of.


Not easy. I store the dried seeds in those tubes in which False teeth cleaing tablets are sold. They are sterile and airtight. The tubes are then stored in a polystirene box in the work shed. Seems to work for me.

Stacey Docherty

In paper bags (.75 for 100 eBay!) in my grandmas old biscuit tin!


Labelled envelopes in my seed tin 


Small brown envelopes, labelled and in a box. I store the box in the spare bedroom as the radiators turned off in winter and it's reasonably cool. 

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